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In FI's family, this is a touchy subject, but I'm bored and wanted to hear other opinions.

I get that breastfeeding is generally considered to be best for the child.  I get that babies need to eat, sometimes when they're out in public.  I also get that boobs were made to feed babies.

When BF, is it totally acceptable to just whip out a boob in any public setting, or should one take reasonable steps for modesty?

One of my BM's has a four-month-old.  When she's out in public, she either brings milk that she pumped earlier, excuses herself to a more private area, or busts out a very lightweight cover-up.

FSIL has a 15-month-old.  She is active in several BF groups and constantly posts pictures of herself feeding her child all over FB.  When her daughter asks for milk, she just pulls down part of her top and lets it all hang out, regardless of the setting.

My personal feelings are obvious in my post, but I was curious to hear other opinions.

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