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Ettiquette Place cards

Any ettiquette on if you should write names or print them? Thanks! 

Re: Ettiquette Place cards

  • Depends on the level of formality of the event.

    Black tie wedding- I'd expect to see calligraphy

    Garden Party- I don't think printed is out of place.
  • Well, mine is formal, but not black tie. I was going to handwrite them, not hire calligraphy.
  • JIC - If you're left handed, DIY calligraphy is a problem.  The pens only write properly if the stroke moves in the correct direction, and for a lefty, every stroke is backwards (a push becomes a pull, and vice-versa.)  If you happen to be left handed, experiment first.
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  • I used the printer to print them in a nice calligraphy font.
  • If you're not going to use calligraphy, I would print them. They'll look much nicer than handwriting them.
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    [QUOTE]I used the printer to print them in a nice calligraphy font.
    Posted by cindyn9178[/QUOTE]

    We did this, they looked great.  I am a perfectionist and wanted them perfectly centered, which I could not have done by hand and we did not want to hire a calligrapher.
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