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pricing for non-floral centerpieces?

hi chicks, i am *very* allergic to flowers but my venue requires the centerpieces to be done by a florist no matter what, so i can't DIY them. i need to contact some of their florists but i have no idea how much i should budget for this. the centerpieces are pretty low on my list of wedding priorities and i'd probably be happy with just a nice candle arrangement, but i did think about manzanita trees (or the like) with strands of beads hanging from them. the bmaids will be carrying strands of beads instead of bouquets, and my "bouquet" will be a weird and awesome thing with beads on it from etsy.

we'll be 175 so approximately 17 tables. will i be laughed out of the room if i say i only want to spend $1500? i will spend less if i can get away with it!


Re: pricing for non-floral centerpieces?

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    If you are going the candles or non-floral route, I can't see why your budget couldn't work.  Just contact each vendor, explain your situation and tell them your budget - most places will be happy to take some money over no money at this time.  GL.
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    i just met with corrie from petal nyc today.  i saw some "bouquets on a budget" that she did in a recent bridal magazine and called her.  i have a pretty modest budget and she never at any point seemed to be judgemental about that so i would try her! she also has been very good about getting back to me (i've had a lot of questions) and seems to have a really great eye.  i talked to her about doing something non-floral for the boutonnieres and she said she really liked that idea.  also when i visited her studio she had a lot of manzanita branches there so i'm guessing it's something she's done before.  good luck!  here's her contact info - or email
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    Totally do-able

    My best suggestions for your budget would be

    an arrangement of pillar candles (with some votives of the same color tucked in) to add to the brightness and twinkle effect
    You can do the same concept with glass cylinders, water (which can be colored) and floating candles

    one large candelabra with taper candles

    multiple tall glass taper candle holders with tapers

    depending on when the wedding is you may be able to do something more seasonal and unique that guests don't usually experience.
    I happen to Love raw cotton in a vases. (not sure if that would effect your allergy or not)
    twigs with berry's make amazing statements and come in different colors

    Hope some of that helps!

    Cheers to 2010 & getting married in NY!
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    It's definitely do-able.  And don't be afraid to tell the florists your budget.  Just to give you a heads up tho, I wanted to use manzanita branches for my seating card table and they're not very affordable.  I was quoted $100+ by a couple of florists  And this was in RI, not NY.  My florist suggested other branches that are more affordable like dogwood branches.
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    "they have to be dont by a florist no matter what"...does this mean that they need to be done by one of their preferred florist vendors? or just any florist? if its by "any florist" then it probably just means that the vendor needs to be insured. 

    But totally do-able either way :)
  •  ~Maya has RAW COTTON... it is amazing and very reasonably priced! 

    They have a facebook page too! 

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