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My SIL (vent)

I couldn't begin to go into the details of why this woman drives me crazy other than the fact that everything I buy for myself or my house or my kids she ends up with eventually and always asks EXTREMELY TMI questions about my personal life, finances, sex life you name it! Nothing is off limits to this woman.  My brother and her are not married (but they do have 2 kids so she is the mother of my nephews)....anyways anything I do, anything, get a promotion at work, buy something, go on vacation SHE SPECIFICALLY ASKS ME HOW MUCH I PAID, constantly...literally everything, she has asked how much I make at work, how much I spent on my dress and how much I spent on my ring...well I avoided the ring question as best I could and just said we were okay with what we spent.  While my ring was being sized she asked to see a picture of it,...I went to the Zales website, and just saved the picture (not the link) and sent it to her, which kind annoyed me anyways having to do that but whatever.

The next day I was at the mall and saw her walking out of you see where this is going???  The next day she said they didn't have my ring on display, I said no because obviously we bought it....a week later she texts me and says "I saw your ring early haha I went to another mall and they had the ring there" I annoying replied "well I guess now you know how much I spent"  then she says..."well maybe it wasn't yours, the one I saw was $2000 - did you spend that much?"

She obviously asked a sales person how much the ring was because they didn't have the prices in front of this ring.  Why would she do that?? and why would she tell me she did it??
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