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what do you like to receive...

from your boss at christmas?

i'm stumped as to what to get my admins this year, and obviously time is running out!

so far i have these ideas:

1. $50 gift cards to a spa
2. some type of novelty food item tehy can share at home (but i dont like this as there is so much food everywhere this time of year!)  vermont brownie company has some nice gift boxes as well as some of the local cheese and coffee makers.
3. restaurant and/or movie gift cards

i'm stumped!  i dont like to necessarily give the same gift, but i like them to be similar so they can swap around if they want (last year i gave them kits from stonewall kitchen).

Re: what do you like to receive...

  • I would pick the spa.

    I work for attorneys.  My bosses have given me everything from spa days to a 37" LCD TV.  This year I got 2 VIP tickets to Cirque de Soleil and dinner.  I pretty much have the best gift-giving bosses ever.
  • H is giving his 4 male supervisors each $50 gift cards to Outback.  His female admin lady I need to pick up a Bath and Body Works basket.  I might take care of that today, actually.
  • Damn, you all are/have good bosses. I think the spa or restaurant giftcards would be my fave.
  • I have never gotten a gift from a boss.

    But I would be ecstatic at a spa gift card.
  • Gift cards are always good...and a gift card to a spa sounds awesome!
  • We get a frozen turkey and a box of nanimo (sp?) bars.

    GIft cards sound great!
  • Personally I would love a spa day gift card, but there are some women who don't go to spas (I find it hard to believe they actually exist though).  So if there is a chance they wouldn't like them then you could do restaurants.  Or even a gift card to a big mall in the area and they could use it for whatever.  My mom is the head of her department in a hospital and she always gets a mall gift card at Christmas from her boss.

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  • Spa certificate.  Absolutely.

    My old boss used to give us a pretty hefty Christmas bonus.  We don't get those anymore, because the budget can't stand from them.  Our new boss gave us gift certificates to a restaurant last year.  I miss the bonus, but I love my new boss, so it's worth it.

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  • My boss gave me a bonus. I was thrilled. lol

    I'd choose the spa though - I think that a boss saying "hey, relax!" is a good message to send =)
  • dnbeach, i'm one of those gals that HATES teh spa.  but i know these gals get manis and pedis on occasion.
  • I gave my main nurse a basket of goodies from Sephora along with a Sephora gift card last year.  This year I have two main nurses, so I think I'll get them Nordstrom gift cards.
  • My job gives us a free day off to use any day throughout the year. 

    I wouldn't mind any sort of gift card that was given to me.....any present at all is generous in my opinion.
  • Spa gift card would be nice. You guys get awesome gifts for Christmas. I'm jealous.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: what do you like to receive...</a>:
    [QUOTE]I have never gotten a gift from a boss. But I would be ecstatic at a spa gift card.
    Posted by opalsky007[/QUOTE]

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  • My last company used to give everyone a nice crisp $100 bill.  I liked that. 
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  • I always gave my support staff  $200 each for Christmas.  Probably just typical of the brokerage industry though.

    lol, no spa certificate because they were all guys
  • I vote spa or restaurant.

    FI actually gets a coupon for a free live Christmas tree and a gift certificate for Honeybaked Ham (don't know if you have one of those, they sell nice hams and turkeys). It's pretty awesome.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: what do you like to receive...</a>:
    [QUOTE]I have never gotten a gift from a boss. But I would be ecstatic at a spa gift card.
    Posted by opalsky007[/QUOTE]

    Ditto exactly.
  • I would do the spa certificate. 
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  • give them a Visa gift card or something that is like a cash bonus. they will ooh and aah in public about a gift card but secretly they're hoping for cash.
  • I would LOVE the spa giftcard. For Christmas this year my boss is allowing us to wear jeans to work all this week. Oh, and a Chick-Fil-A biscuit this morning. Yippee! Undecided
  • I would do the spa gift certificate. Restaurant GC's are also good. When I help out with recruiting events, they give us Nordstrom GC's (which I love!) or Best Buy GC's (we get to choose which one we want).
  • I would pick the restaurant/movie gift card.

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  • I got a measly $10 gift card to Target. Quite frankly, it was a bit insulting. Our director is such a piece of sh!t, it isn't funny. And she had to point out that the gift card was from her and her own money. Okay, how immature can we be here? I really don't even want it, but couldn't really give it back to her either.
  • $10 is usually a yankee swap you have one comign up that you need a gift for?
  • I like any of the gift card ideas. Not so thrilled with the food package ones -- that doesn't seem like much of a "present," especially at this time of the year when there's so much food around. 

    In the last couple of years that I was a director, I would give very small gifts to my staff (a small notebook of handmade paper, interesting stationery, etc.) along with a $50 bill so there was a little concrete present and then cash to do whatever they wanted. They were sorely underpaid so I thought cash was best for them.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: what do you like to receive...</a>:
    [QUOTE]$10 is usually a yankee swap you have one comign up that you need a gift for?
    Posted by Calypso1977[/QUOTE]

    We do need to get a gift for the white elephant gift exchange for our youth group Christmas party, but the limit is $20. I just think $10 is a bit low esp since she only has a few teachers. Don't get me wrong, I definitely appreciate it, but with all the hell she has caused us this year, I didn't want anything from her. She is a sad excuse for a director.
  • What about a nice bottle of wine, a gift card to a nice restaurant, gift card to the mall or her favorite store?
  • $50 doesn't get you far at the spa.  So I'd rather restaurant/movie gift card.  In fact last year my boss did get us GCs for the movie theatre and it was AWESOME!!  I thought anyway.

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