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Any Survivor Watchers?

Wee, the last 2 eps have been the shiit.  I need someone to talk to about tonight's episode...anyone watch?

Re: Any Survivor Watchers?

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    I keep forgetting that it's on right now. I should start watching it again.

    Your sig pic is so cute!
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    Yes, you should watch! I never watched any of the early seasons, I've only watched the last 2 or 3 seasons at the most but I like it!

    And thanks, yours is cute too! You have an adorably genuine smile, I like it.  :)
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    I do! I've been hoping that FoaFoa would be able to turn things around. It was pretty awesome. And you can't deny that Russ has got some kind of ridiculous intuition!
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    DH declared last night that this is his favorite season ever. I used to hate Russ - now I find him amusing.
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    I LOVED the last 3 three episodes - last night ESPECIALLY!  Russell is the shiit.  OMG, I was so happy last night.  He should definitely win - he is seriously playing the game.  John is another one of my favorites.  Such a good season.  I'm  thinking this one may be my favorite as well.
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    All this stuff with Russell and the idols is cracking us up. I think last week was the first time someone used the idol "properly" and got someone else voted out. It was brilliant!

    DH adores Russell. I still think he's a slimy little weasel, but he's really, really good at it. By sheer game strategy, I'd vote for him to win for sure.
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    I know! I hated Russell in the beginning but now he's somehow my favorite! Laura seriously sucked and it was awesome to see her go.  She creeped me out and I hated her facial expressions, haha.
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    Somehow I missed last week so I was a little lost in the beginning.  How in the Hell did half of the people write down Natalie's name?  I think Russ should just play the idol everytime since he's able to find it every.single.time. 
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