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I'm starting to type up my addresses the way I want them written by the calligrapher and I'm really torn on what to put. I know that 'Mr. and Mrs. John Doe' is what you're supposed to do but part of me is having a hard time leaving the wife's name off. If I include the wife's name, is my only option to drop the Mr. and Mrs. and do 'Jane and John Doe'? Which would you rather? 

Also, when there is a child/are children under 18 being invited, do you include their last name? There isn't an inner envelope and I'm having trouble finding information on this. Would it be:

Jane and John Doe (or whatever we end up doing here)
Michael Doe 

and for more than one child:

Jane and John Doe 
Michael Doe
Mary Doe

Or do you separate them by a comma on one line?

Thanks in advance, ladies!

Re: Addressing Questions

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    Fully understand - we got some lashback from family members for addressing it as Mr. & Mrs. John Doe.  The "rules" are as follows:
    You MUST use "and" if it's a married couple.  This distinguishes non-married couples with different last names from married couples.
    If you use both first names, the wife is always first and it must read "Mrs. Jane and Mr. John Doe".  (The husbands name always needs to be connected with the last name).
    For escort cards you can drop the titles if you like, but I wouldn't for invitations.
    For kids - you can do it 1 of two ways:
    Michael Doe
    Master Michael Doe (if under 13)/ Mr. Michael Doe (if over 13)
    Mssrs Michael & David Doe (if 2 boys)
    Miss Mary Doe/Ms. Mary Doe (I think technically it's under the age 18 you use Miss, but I think you can use your judgement here and call someone Ms. if they're 16).
    When you have multiple children, list them by age (oldest first).
    I used one line for each gender.

    ETA - I don't think that you need to use last names for the kids, but I did.  I figured it the last name was on the escort card, it should also be on the invite.
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    I did (for the Save The Dates anyway)

    Mrs. Jane and Mr. John Doe.

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