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Alternate to "Giving Away" the bride

A few months ago I read a great suggestions about alternate words to giving away the bride... something like who blesses this union?  any suggestions? 

Re: Alternate to "Giving Away" the bride

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    I do not like the idea of 'giving away the bride.'  However, my parents are very traditional.  So I will be doing a family affirmation instead.  They will ask both sets of parents if they will support our union.  Of course, the priest will have the appropriate/formal wording.  They then all reply at the same time "we do."  I'm sure my mother will ask why we are not doing the 'traditional' wording (so to say) but I think this is a good compromise as I would still like to respect my parents during this time of the ceremony. However, I do like one of the previous comments about 'coming of your own free will.'  I wouldn't skip it...just personal preference maybe.  I would use one of these.
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