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Who do invite to what shower... its seriously getting ridiculous.

OK... so this is about my 12978345987 post about bridal shower etiquette. 

SO! I am having 3 showers, My FMIL is hosting one, my dads side of the family is hosting one, and my mothers side of the family is hosting one. 

The reason the showers are split between my family is because my dads mother feels very uncomfortable being around my mothers mother and step-mother (the divorce and remarriage happened like 25-30 years ago and they get along fine but whatever...)

SO I'm working on a guest list for my moms side of the family's shower and I'm asking my mom who need to be there, she keeps telling me to invite people (aunts, great aunts, cousins) from my dads side of the family to her sides shower which makes no sense to me sense they're already going to be at the one for his side. Not to mention another reason for the 2 different showers is so my dads mom can invite certain people and family members that wont be at the wedding and it just seems rude to invite those people to 2 showers, but I digress. 

Everything I've read states that only mothers should be invited to every shower. 

CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG because I'm tired of arguing and am about to say screw it and just not go to any of the showers. 

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