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And the drama begins...

My brother got married in October of 2009. I've been quite close with my sister in-law since before the wedding, so I was excited to ask her to be one of my bridesmaids (see where this is going?). She called me this past Saturday to tell me that she and my brother are divorcing. They called my parents on Sunday, but didn't say that, yes, it's over and they're done. No...they said they were going to "wait and see what happens." A couple of hours later she had changed her name on facebook back to her maiden name, taken all of their wedding pictures down, and completely removed her relationship status. It may seem silly because it's facebook, but my family is extremely upset about this because she has been such a close part of our family for a long time now. Not to mention my mother's surprise upon seeing the change because they hadn't been completely honest with her and my dad.

Considering this just happened over the weekend obviously I'm not talking to my family about my wedding concerns right now. I hope that my sister in-law will have the decency to bow out of her role as bridesmaid, but if she doesn't.....

I've seen the gazillions of posts on here about how firing a bridesmaid is about the worst thing a bride can do, but does this make my situation different? Just curious to hear your opinions. Thank you!
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