Weird stuff you save, collect or do

It has come to my attention recently that I'm really weird about Box Tops for Education. I will buy cookies or something and get a flavor I like less than the flavor I like most because the less liked one has 2 Box Tops.

I don't have a kid. I have no particular kids I give these things to. I just collect them and send them to my mom (who works with a really underprivledged school in Marion County, FL). My friends in town will save them for me and H always keeps the boxes for me to cut the Box Tops out of.

My co-worker told me it's weird that I do this because "it's not like the schools really get anything from it" and "it's not like I have a kid." Brian and my friends just kinda shrug it off and have learned to love it.

Do you think I'm crazy? Do you do anything random like this? Tell me I'm not alone lol...
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