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HELP!!! Ceremony Emergency

We have had our ceremony booked for over a month at Madison Square Park.  Just last week I recieve an email stating all of their "don'ts" which included no chairs!   Why would they have not mentioned that when I first inquiried?!?!

So frustrated with the whole planning process.  We have already put the deposit down on our reception venue which in a worse case scenario we could use it for the ceremony as well.

However, we really, really wanted an outdoor ceremony.  Any suggestions?  The reception is on 23rd & 5th. 

Is it tacky to have it on a rooftop in an apartment building or an apartment with a private garden?

Re: HELP!!! Ceremony Emergency

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    I don't think its tacky to have it in either of those places as long as there is enough room for all of your guests
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    Are you planning a long ceremony?  I believe this no chairs/tents/etc policy applies to all city parks, so people stand.  Perhaps you can have some close friends at the ready with a small number of folding stools/chairs for especially elderly guests?

  • alisonzalisonz member
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    not tacky at all. I would totally have our reception on the roof if our building allowed it.

    also, I totally agree with dnagal above. You could probably get away with having just a few chairs for your elderly family members.

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    People stand all the time at outdoor ceremonies -- I think it'll be so lovely to have an outdoor ceremony!
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    The park has a zero chair policy and we can't use the benches because they are for the "public".   I have no problem having a standing ceremony because I know it will be very short but we are worried about the few older guests.
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    How many older guests?  A descreetly carried folding chair like this...

    As long as it's just an occasional person, I'm certain you could get away with it.
  • haigmelaniehaigmelanie member
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    The Eastside Marriott has a rooftop catering space that is worth looking at.
    There is indoor space that leads to the roof space.

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    I say stick to your original plan at the park, and do it all standing-up; the older guests can sit on a park bench, or like a PP posted, portable travel chairs are perfect!
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    we are doing the same as suggested above - bringing 2 folding chairs for my fiance's grandmothers who cannot stand during the ceremony.  i'm guessing it probably won't be a big deal.  everyone else will be standing.  
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    i think you'll be fine as long as it is a short ceremony and tehre are accomodations made for the grandmas. but it is jerky of the parks department not to mention this when you reserved.
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    I had to just postpone my wedding.  Bridgewaters is now open in NYC on Saturday, August 7th, 2010. It is very reasonably priced.   It is not outdoor, however it overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge and there is outdoor space for during the cocktail hour.

    Good luck.
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