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Thank You Note Writing Service

Hi Brides!

I am writing to get some feedback from current brides-to-be. I am thinking of starting my own service/company geared towards busy brides and/or brides who are overwhelmed at the idea of writing their own thank you notes. Essentially, my service would allow brides to provide me with a list of gifts, their personal stationary, and their mailing list, and I will persoanlize and hand write each thank you note with a heartfelt touch. Would this be anything any of you would be interested in? If so, what would you pay for such a service? I would create a website with samples of thank you notes (similar to calligraphy samples).

Your honest feedback is appreciated!!

Re: Thank You Note Writing Service

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    hmmmm.... i have heard that thank you notes are a drag, but i feel like i might be afraid that my family or friends would recognize that it wasn't my handwriting. :-)  

    i will have under 100 guests so although it will be time consuming,  i don't know that it would be something that i would get help with... but for bigger weddings, i can imagine that there might be a market for that.  just my 2 cents worth!  :)
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    I think it is a horrible idea.

    If guests spend their time and money on a gift/travel for a wedding, the LEAST a bride can do is make sure they are thanked properly.

    I would totally judge anyone who used such a service and I would know my friend's handwriting.
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    my sense is that it probably would require almost as much work from the bride as it would take to write them herself. she would still need to tell you how to personalize them ("loved doing the Hustle with you at the wedding!", etc.). and i agree that my friends and most of my family would know that it wasn't my handwriting.
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    I personally would never use such a service, but you'd probably find brides rude enough to outsource their thank-you note writing.  Of course, those people might be the same sort of people who are TERRIBLE to work with.
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    GIven that there are people out there (REALLY) who distribute envelopes and thank you cards at bridal/baby showers so that guests can fill in their own return address and pencil in the name of thier gift , I'm thinking that there are also those who would pay to get out of writing thank you's.  But, I don't know any.  (although I do know lots of people who write really sucky thank-you's.)

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    Totally unacceptable.  Also, how are you going to personalize the letters?  As someone else pointed out, that's as hard for the bride as writing the notes herself.

    But then, I'm still a little tiffed that we recently got a thank you note that said on the back "Thank you for being part of our special day.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves.  Love, [Bride] and [Groom]" because, as our names and the gift we gave weren't mentioned at all, it was clear that it was a mass-mailing.
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    i bet you would do well.  really, how personalized can a thank you for  cash gifts from 200 people be...i don't think you'll be "doing the hustle" with each and every guest.  i wrote all my thank yous out and tried to personalize, but they all ended up sounding very similar.

    etiquette aside....bottom'd get takers on this idea! 
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    I wouldn't use such a service.  But then again, I'm having a tiny wedding.  As far as if others would use such a service, maybe.  It would depend on how much it costs (we're still in a recession you know?) and also how much extra work they would have to put in to getting you the names and additional information.   I could see some brides being interested in this, though.  
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    I had a huge wedding. We had 360 invited guests. My husband and I wrote every note ourselves and I wrote the bulk of them. Just about every note was written within two weeks of our receiving the gift, the exception being anything that came on the wedding day since we had a 3 week honeymoon.

    I would never ever dream of outsourcing our thank yous or typing them or any other shortcut that would make us seem ungrateful to the giver. This is the rudest thing I can imagine. I would really enjoy busting someone who tried to use this service.

    There are plenty of ways to make money off the bridal industry - a service that helps women change their names; graphic design to layout invitations, maps and menus; wedding planning; web site building etc. The kind of brides who would be takers for this service are not the kind of people with whom you would want to associate.
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    To answer your question, this would probably make a good side gig.  Yes, to concur with other knotties, from an etiquette stand point it's bad form, but the fact is that someone will always look for ways to make things easier and from other sites I've been on, I can bet you'd get some takers.  So from a business perspective, I say go for it and if it doesn't work out, you tried.

    Personally, I wouldn't use it if nothing else because it's an extra expense I can do without and about half the guests are HIS family/friends, so he can take up the slack to write out their thank yous (I'll be doing my side). 

    If you do start it, let us know how it goes.  I'd offer your services on Craiglist and etsy to start and see where it goes from there.  GL..

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