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XP - Photoshop/Wedding Picture Question

This is an XP - I posted on the wedding recap board as well, but you all give such great advice that I thought I'd get opinions here as well! TIA!

This is absolutely embarrassing, because we took family group shots for about an hour after the ceremony and there was even a time at the end when the photographer was like "is that it?" "is there any other ones you would like to get?" We did not feel rushed at all and I don't know how this got missed.

Well... we just got our pictures back, and they turned out absolutely wonderful! I'm just so happy and they captured so many candid moments throughout the day. We just received 4 CDs of 1500 photos which that we both love very much.

HOWEVER.... apparently we never got a group shot of H's parents and sisters with us. We got separate pictures of us with his parents, and us with his sisters, but not all together. My husband isn't too upset about it, but I'm afraid that his mom will be upset (not mad, but just sad....).

While I know it is not my fault, because H and I were in so many pictures it was hard to keep track, and any one of those family members could have spoken up and said "hey we still get to get a picture of X,X, and X."... I still feel really bad.

Does anyone know much about photoshop? Would it be totally weird or even possible to see if our photographer could photoshop his sisters into the picture of us with his parents? TIA!
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