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ISO Non-cheesy videographer

Never thought I'd want one, always though as long as there are nice photos, who needs it.  Then I saw a friend's video, done by her sister; and we as we were watching, her kids became engaged in the video and thought it was funny seeing mom and dad (her oldest just turned two).

While you can get great pictures, there are some moments that only video can get - such as hearing yourself saying your vows, the music, listening to friends and family offer you wishes... And so I decided, why not.

Fiance agreed - his only concern (mine too), it can't be cheesy.  No lame "special effects", also not a ton of equipment everywhere that'll just make you regret the whole thing.

So I need your help knotties.  Looking for an affordable, professional but non-chessy videographer that can shoot without a boat load of equipment and stands everywhere.  I'm waiting for a few referrals from my photographer but wanted to get some help here first.

Thanks ladies.

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