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Gift grabby?

A little background......My FI's step-bro is getting married soon, FI is in the wedding, I've only met the brother 2-3 times, and his fiance once.  The wedding is in MA and we live in FL.

Question: I just got an invite to FI's stepbro's fiance's bridal shower, which is in MA.  Is this proper ettiquette to invite someone even when you know they cannot attend due to them living out of state?

Side Note: I have absolutely no problem with sending them a gift as it is my FI's stepbro and plan on doing so, but our wedding is coming up, so I am trying to find out for myself whether it is proper ettiquette to invite someone to a bridal shower who lives out of state who you are pretty sure won't be able to attend. (FI's entire family lives in MA and NY)
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