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38 days to go and.....

I feel like giving up! I just want to go to the JP and be married - no wedding. Is this normal? Anyone else going through this?
What if we do it, run off to the JP? How do we let the people we invited know? What about the out of towners who are planning on coming? Do I worry more about them than me? ARGH!
comments, please...
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Re: 38 days to go and.....

  • take a deep breath.

    Very normal at about the two month mark to just "be over it all".  It will pass.

    I didn't start caring again until about two days before the ceremony.
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  • Deep breath.  Bottle of wine.  Hot tub. 

    Seriously.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and go take a long bath.  Get a massage.  Relax.  Turn your phone off for the whole long weekend. 

    Whatever it is, it won't be solved by going to the JOP.  If it's family, they'll just yell louder for you excluding them.  Just stop listening.  Take care of the things you need to get done, and stop engaging in whatever situations are stressing you out.
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  • I went through the same thing. Just relax and keep your eye on the prize, your soon to be husband. It will all be worth it in the end.
  • seems to be pretty normal, we are at one month mark but at 2 months i really could have cared less anymore, i was DONE.  its better now, and im really just excited to get the rest of our lives started - it will be ok! here's a tip i learned from this board - me confident and firm in the decisions you make/made regarding your wedding - the toughest part is questioning yourself and allowing others to question the decisions you made - at least it has been for me :)

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