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Protecting the rights of people with conflicting needs

I am bored at work, and just remembered an interesting dilemma we had come up recently. To give you a general idea without disclosing too much information, I work at a large health club.

We had a new member recently bring in a note from her doctor saying she absolutely can not be anywhere near dogs.  If there were one in the building she would not be able to come inside.  She gave us the note to make sure we would accommodate her.

Today, I saw a seeing eye dog in the club for (I believe) the first time.  While off the top of my head I can not think of any blind members, we have approximately 11,000 members, some of which rarely use the club and it would be impossible to know the needs of every single one. 

One person has an allergy that won't let her anywhere near dogs.
Others are blind and have a right to bring their seeing eye dog.

So how do you protect both?
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