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So, I have 2 friends who are dating that I am inviting to my wedding. Thing is- if they break up, I only want the invite going to my guy friend, not the girl as well. So, how would I address this invitation? Just to Guy + Guest? Though wouldn't that be rude not to have her name on it? I'd be sending it to his address, not hers. If they did break up, and the invite was sent to his house with his name on it, would she still think she was invited, even though really she's coming only as the guest of him?? Help! Thanks!
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Re: Invitation question

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    I'd address it to them both at his address.  If they do break up, just suggest to him that he can bring a different person in place of his ex-but tell him this only if he breaks up with his current GF.
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    If they are dating when you send invitations out, address it to both of them. People aren't stupid. If they break up later, they know the invitation is for the actual friend only at that point, not for the former SO. 
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    Well the thing is they are both friends of mine, I was the one who introduced them. But it's a very small wedding and he was the one who was on the guest list, with a guest of his, who ended up being her. Fingers crossed they don't break up! But yes, I'll put both names to his addy then
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