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Help parents not happy with wedding venue

Hi we are a couple based in the uk who want to get married in NYC. We told brides parents and they have said they won't go to NYC. Her mother had been and didn't like sorry people NYC father doesn't like traveling abroad. We were about to sign contract with company in NYC to reserve central park, but have put on hold. What I want help with is does anyone have any ideas to help to get parents to agree to come. The venue we like is wagners cove and ladies pavillion any hotels near there so parents don't have far to travel. We thought about them flying out staying one night and fly back any help would be appreciated cause at moment she is not talking to her parents etc. thanks in advance

Re: Help parents not happy with wedding venue

  • I have a feeling that the relationship between your future wife and her parents is not so great to begin with, because I can't imagine why otherwise loving parents would refuse to attend their child's wedding just because of the location.  Is there a larger reason why they don't want to attend, and can that be addressed - for example, do they not want her to get married at all?

    This is entirely up to your bride-to-be.  If it's most important to her that her parents attend, then she'll have to get married in the UK.  But I tell you what my reaction would be:  "Mom and Dad, the wedding will be in NYC, we're sorry you won't be able to make it."
  • Yeah, that's s riduclous reason not to get married where you wish.  It's about you, not your parents.  They're already married.  Elope in NYC and do a little party in the UK for the family, not a big problem to solve.
  • All the commenters make great points about there being a bigger issue with your fiance's parents.  However, to answer your question, there aren't really very nice hotels on the upper west side of Manhattan near the two locations where you are looking.  However, what I'd recommend is booking your in-laws at The Plaza (southeast corner of Central Park on 59th street & Central Park South) as it is high end and they will be well taken care of during their stay.  There are many horse-drawn carriages that are located across the street from The Plaza, on the Central Park side of the street.  You can have your wedding coordinator (or whoever is making arrangements to secure your ceremony site at Central Park) make arrangements with one of the horsemen to take your in-laws through the park to your ceremony site (direct route should be about 10minutes).  It will be a beautiful ride and it will be incredibly convenient for your in-laws. Do NOT rely on a taxi as many of the park's streets are closed during different parts of the day so they may not be able to get close enough to your ceremony site via car and still not get lost.  Hope this helps!
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