Rehearsal dinner - what to do?

Unexpectedly, FI's dad's will be going in for heart bypass surgery. This will likely be Wednesday or Thursday. Our rehearsal (and dinner) is set for the Thursday and the dinner was going to be at his and FI's stepmom's house. Now that the surgery may be taking place that day, we're not too sure what to do.

No one else has a house that is big enough to accomodate everyone.

If we move the rehearsal dinner to a restaurant, it's not in our budget to pay for everyone's dinner. FILs were taking care of the cost of the food and liquor for the dinner at their place, which would be a small percentage of the cost of a restaurant meal.  But of course, we can't exactly go and expect everyone to pay their own way. I know our WP would understand why, but it just seems wrong. I don't want to NOT have a rehearsal dinner, but I don't want to break the bank either.

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