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Was told we weren't registered at any place expensive enough... :/

Wanted to get E's thoughts, as the situation totally caught me off guard.
For context, FI has a few very wealthy family friends (mostly newish money, almost all from the OC area). At his dad's birthday party this weekend, one of the wives was chatting with me, and brought up our wedding registries. She said we needed to register somewhere more expensive, because they want to spend more than anything on our list (we're currently registered at Crate and Barrel and Sur La Table, apparently a Kitchenaid mixer or Mauviel and All-Clad cookware isn't good enough). 

She asked if we would register at a store called Geary's, specifically for silver as I explained that we already have a full set of beautiful china from my grandmother. She was also insistent that their other friends would want to likely purchase from there too. I went to their website, and got COMPLETE sticker shock. I already felt weird and awkward enough registering for gifts, how can I in good faith register for silver that's over a thousand dollars per place setting?!

So, what do I do? Tell her our style (ultra modern) and ask her to just pick something? Create a mini-registry, and just go with it? Insist that we don't need something so extravagent? 

BTW thanks for the dress advice :). I ended up just wearing a black cocktail dress instead, and most all guests were actually in normal cocktail attire, so it was good I didn't wear the clubbing dress :)
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