Irrational Irritations

So I know a lot of this is stress considering my wedding is 5 days away, but I just checked the 10-day weather forcast, which is gorgeous and sunny every day...except Saturday (which will still be sunny, but chilly).

Irrational to get upset by a high of only 66 degrees because I know a lot of people just got snow, but this is unusually chilly for this time of year and seriously, the ONE day it's going to be cold, is the day of my outdoor wedding.  Plus, myself, FI and both of our families are all AZ natives, so 66 degrees is winter weather, not early November weather.

And then my really irrational irritation is that minutes after I looked this up, my sister text me to tell me it was going to be chilly.  I don't know why that irritated me so much, but it's like, gee really?  I wouldn't have thought to check the weather for my own damn wedding day, but thanks for rubbing it in that I'll be freezing my ass off.

So any other irrational irritations so I don't feel like a crazy person?
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