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Wonderful wedding florist - highly recommend Starbright Floral Design

Starbright Floral Design were the second florist I visited during the process of identifying a florist for our wedding and I am so very pleased I did.  I had visited the first florist with my thoughts for the wedding flowers, hoping for some direction based on their experience, not expecting to be told that I could not have the purple flowers I really wanted (I didn’t have specific flowers in mind, simply purple).  When I mentioned this experience to Tom Sebenius at Starbright he thought I was joking.  He told me he would certainly work with me to get purple flowers at my wedding and was friendly and not at all over-imposing.  

I spent some time with Tom running through the ideas and photos I had and what I loved most about Tom’s approach was that he took my ideas and made them even better.  His experience as a florist came through for me and he developed ideas I hadn’t thought of and instead of being told I could not have purple flowers, I was being presented with multiple options for lovely arrangements and bouquets.  Tom really listened to me and didn’t make me feel like my ideas were wrong - he truly built on them and brought an element to my wedding I could not have done on my own.

When the flowers arrived on the wedding day I was not disappointed - they were absolutely wonderful, Starbright had gone above and beyond and delivered fresh, perfectly arranged flowers for the wedding.  The church pew flowers were delightful - I couldn’t believe that Tom had managed to put my idea into reality.  The flowers at the alter were truly beautiful.  During the ceremony my husband to be turned to me and told me that the flowers were beautiful - coming from someone who doesn’t usually comment on flowers this was great to hear and had me beaming from ear to ear with a smile.

My bouquet was constructed beautifully and when I saw my flower girl’s bouquet it brought me to tears.  Tom’s idea for the bridesmaids bouquets to be all colours of purple worked a treat against their dark plum dresses and the button holes and corsages were truly lovely.

Tom worked with me on price and I found his prices to be extremely reasonable - and cheaper than the first florist who refused to work with purple! I can tell Tom truly takes pleasure in delivering the very best for his brides and I thank him and his team for all their efforts in making our wedding flowers so very beautiful.

Re: Wonderful wedding florist - highly recommend Starbright Floral Design

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