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Mass thank you note hand out!

It's been just a month since my wedding, and I'm getting ready to write my thank you notes. We had a pretty big wedding of 160 guests (Those are just the people that attended not the total that were invited and many of those people sent gifts). Also, my new husband has worked for a country club for several years with many members who have become fond of him and decided to send us very generous gifts! I'm incredibly humbled and feel very blessed, but this has left my thank you card list in the 300's!!! It's very overwhelming to look at! I'm not even sure where to start. Someone suggested to me I send out a thank you newsletter. Just a generalized thank you newsletter thanking everyone for attending, letting them know what we've been up to since we got back from our honeymoon, and what's coming up in the future. Then jotting a little personalized line thanking them for what they sent on the bottom or something. Is this tacky? Sounds like a good idea to me, and would save me from getting carpel tunnel from handwritting 300 thank you notes, but I don't want to appear rude or that I don't appreciate the time and money they spent! Help!!!

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