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Help! Fiance's Mom invited women to shower, who weren't invited to reception

Help!! I just had a shower at my fiance's mom's church and she gave the hostesses a guest list which included people we did not invite to our reception. (She knew this.) Now, we have 6 weeks until the reception- my fiance and I are going to Maine to get married Sept. 30th and our reception is back here Oct. 8th. It is just the 2 of us going, and invited 220 to our reception.
Well- our RSVP date was 8/24 and we have 165 confirmed. Do I just send these ladies an invitation b/c we have 6 weeks left, add them into our total and don't send an RSVP card in the invitation so it doesn't look so bad? I feel like we need to invite them.....fiance says no!
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