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Hi there-

I've never posted on this board but I'm hoping you can help! I've been receiving our response cards back for our Sept wedding and FI and I made the decision for the wedding to be kiddo-free.  We addressed invites to adults only and on our website have info re. babysitters and "things -to-do in town" for families and what not to make sure our families didn't think we were being jerk-offs for not inviting Little Sally and Tommy. We're hosting a pre-wedding party and a post-wknd party as well that includes everyone, but the wedding itself would not include the kiddos.


I received a response card from a cousin of my FI (we addressed to her and her SO) and in the name section she put her name only and in the guest section she put 3. I know she has 2 kids (although I've never met her or her family) so I don't know if she was saying she was bringing 3 guests (making the grand total 4, or if she was bringing 1 of her 2 kiddos in addition to her SO that's where she got the number 3?) They're out of town guests, and I do not know them, and I know we have to address this but HOW? and should I do it or should my FMIL (this is her family).  I know we have to address this and sooner rather than later because of travel arrangements and I don't want to offend anyone.  Help please!

Sorry this is so long!
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