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Non-married couple @ two different addresses

We have some friends who are couples, but are not married and live at different addresses. Do we send an invitation to one with both names on it or do we send each one of them a separate invitation?


Re: Non-married couple @ two different addresses

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    I would ask who is the primary friend?  Of course you've become friends with their significant other...but you usually know one of them first and that's how you met the other?  Send it to that person with their signiicant other's name on it.
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    We sent ours to the primary friend's address with both names as MLG suggested. 
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    My FI and I don't live together so when our friends got married they chose to send the invitations to my address with both our names on it. It was perfectly fine.
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    We had a ton of paired off friends who technically had separate apartments when we got married. Wee sent it to the place they usually slept because we were equally close to both of them.
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    I sent mine to the guy I knew (had never met his GF) with both of their names on it.
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    Anything from my family or where I started the friendship comes to my house, anything for my BF's family or where the friendship started with him goes to his house. Also, as Stage said, if they broke up, who would still be invited? I know my BF wouldn't be invited to my cousin's wedding  without me and I wouldn't be invited to his Babsci's 100th birthday without him.
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