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Where Do Ushers Sit?

I'm not sure on this. Searched the boards and didn't find an previous posts. 

My two brothers are ushers (not GMs). I was told by my FMIL that they need to sit in the rear of the church open and close the inner church doors as I enter the aisle and as FI and I leave. She said that's just what ushers do. FI confirmed this is what he did 2 times as an usher. 

I guess I see why the door might need to be opened for like my entrance or whatever, but why would it need to be shut behind me? Is this some superstitious thing? I can live without the doors being opened for me. She said usually they are closed after the MOH/FG walks down to give the bride a more "grand" entrance. Whatever. 

Prior to this "news," I envisioned my brothers seating my mom and my FMIL, then sitting in the front with the family. Is this not what they are "supposed to do?"
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