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limited bar with limited options...

So our venue doesnt allow "open bottles of liquore".  In talking with the owner, he said we can do beer, wine, and mix drinks, but the drinks have to be mixed "ahead of time".  Which is a total bummer.  So.. whats the best way to pull this off, with the most options for our guests?

Re: limited bar with limited options...

  • We did beer & wine. The liquor came out to play at the after party at the hotel bar.

  • Buy the Bacardi mixed drinks? Like Hurricane, Rum Runner, and I think they make a Mojito now?

    Make a giant batch of margaritas and dispense it out of a cooler? (One of the guys I work for did this for our summer outing and it was great.)

    Does this mean you're bringing in your own alcohol? If yes, this might not be too bad. But I'm not sure what you're supposed to do if the venue is providing the alcohol.
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    I think that's kind of weird; I've never heard of a venue doing that before, but maybe it's just me.

    As much as I love open bars, I think I would probably just serve beer, wine, and one or two signature drinks that could be pre-mixed in large bottles to serve. Like maybe one whiskey sour and one rum or vodka juice/punch combo.  Then give them fancy names to make it look like you planned it all along and they're your original drink recipes.
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  • I would offer beer, wine, and some mixed seasonal-type drinks in cool looking glass dispensers.  Like rum punch, or vodka strawberry lemonade if it's a summer wedding, or spiked cider in the fall. 
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    beer, wine, and premake the cocktails ahead of time, carry them in in plastic jugs or something, have the bartender pour them into pretty glasses. plenty of cocktails can be made ahead of time--margaritas, sangria, most martinis... things that are usually mixed with soda could probably be premixed (whiskey and coke, rum and coke, etc). it's all about having the right proportion of liquor to mixer.

    if I were in your shoes, I'd have beer, wine, and one signature cocktail, and premake said cocktail. your guests should be happy with that, as you are buying their alcohol.

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  • Oooh, now you could have an excuse to use these!


    I want one, but don't know if I would ever use it.
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  • We are just doing beer and wine. We are throwing around the idea of a signature cocktail in our wedding colors, but not sure yet.
  • We just did beer/wine only, and it was worked out great.  Initially I had wanted a full open bar...  or at least a sig cocktail...  but due to costs, we opted for beer/wine only.  Everyone seemed perfectly happy, and I don't think anyone really missed the option of had liquor.
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