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FI MUCH paler than me!

So everybody talks about getting sprayed and bronzed and (heavily) made up for the wedding.  I get it.  I plan to do a bunch of this, too, for our wedding this June.  As it is, I'm pretty made up for work, etc.! Love the stuff (hehe).  So my question is this:  FI is really pale; it's his coloring.  I'm going to look so dark next to him in photos (I already do in the few photos we have together).  I've gently suggested a trial spray tan for us both, but I don't get the idea he's keen to try it! What would you do? And please don't tell me to go easier on the make-up.  That won't work.  I wear browns and bronzes (much better on my skin tone and I'm just plain darker than he is).   we are both caucasian btw.

Re: FI MUCH paler than me!

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    Try one of the over-the-counter bronzers - nothing too much so he doesn't feel weird but it'll give him a "little" coloring.  But if he doesn't want to do it, then there isn't much you can do.  There are worse things....
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    I personally wouldn't do anything and would just leave you both how you are naturally :)
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    i had this same problem.... i gently suggested it to my fiance a few times until finally he gave in.... he ended up liking it more than he thought he would!  you could always see if he will agree to try it in advance and he may end up liking it enough to do it again for the wedding!
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    I would just leave him be.  You're going to look back at the pictures of that day for the rest of your lives.  Do you really want his expression to be "what was I thinking?"   

    You don't want people to talk you out of the tan, but you want to push it on him? that doesn't sound fair to me.
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