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Post-wedding party

My hubby and I got married in my home state in October, but are living in a different state. I wanted to get some of his friends and coworkers together and eat dinner. I would provide cake. His favorite place is Olive Garden. Is it still inappropriate to have guests pay? I'm thinking of just sending out texts, emails and make calls, and having him spread the word at work. We didn't want presents or anything. Should I just word it differently and say we are having a get-together?

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    So basically I should just tell people to meet us for dinner and don't call it a wedding celebration?
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    How do you usually get together with friends and split the check?  I email a friend, say "hey, do you want to grab dinner," and we go from there.  
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    If you want them to pay for themselves, you can't be "hosting" it, so don't mention the wedding or any "celebration."
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    I think you just ask them if they want to meet you for dinner at Olive Garden, just like you would for a regular dinner that had nothing to do with your marriage.

    Have you considered asking Olive Garden about catering?  You could throw a party in your home, and get Olive Garden to cater a few dishes (big trays of pasta, plus salad and breadsticks).   Then you can supply drinks and cake.  I bet the cost would be pretty reasonable.  
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    @Avion - that's an awesome idea, but we live in a small apartment. Thanks ladies. I asked some people individually, and they were fine. Just going to say to meet us for dinner.
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    pick up tab if u can afford it....otherwise they'll be fine to pay
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