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Age limits?

My wedding is over a year away however, I will be getting married to a Marine and he is leaving for a deployment in July so we are trying to do as much planning as we can now so while he is gone it wont be stressful on me trying to get answers from him and such. Right now our biggest issue is kids of those whom we want to have come. I do not want to have a screaming child making things hard for me or my guests but he  feels that most of his family will not attend if they are not able to bring their kids. We have settled on getting a daycare kind of thing but cant settle on an age limit to have them attend the ceremony or go to the daycare. Also an age limit for the reception. We are having a beach wedding, planning to have it start around 4 and everything end around 10. Thoughts on this would be helpful. Thank you.

Re: Age limits?

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    I really want to post the picture I have of a beach wedding where a woman strolls past in the background topless, but it's nsfw so I'm not sure I can put it smack dab in the middle of a thread with no warning. 

    In any event:  if you have a beach wedding, a lot of things are beyond your control.  I think strangers around the area who are oblivious to your wedding ceremony are a lot more likely to be disruptive than the children of your guests. 

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    I'd leave it up to the parents.

    I thought I'd be upset if a kid started crying in the middle of our vows/ceremony and talked with FI about it. He said he thought it would be funny and he'd say "Hey, I have to marry her not you" to the crying baby. I thought that was kind of funny, so I'm not worried about it anymore.
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