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How should I handle this? (semi-trivial/long)

On the wedding day my mom and I are getting our hair done professionally.  When I booked our venue back in April 2010 I took 2 of the girls out of 4 in my bridal party (MOH and a bridesmaid-the local girls) to show them around and show them the room I booked for us all to get ready in, etc.  I casually mentioned "we'll get our hair done..." so I opened the door that I was having someone come out and do everyones hair (oops).  

Fast forward to today-I've purchased nice thank you gifts and I'm also taking them to a very high end restaurant for brunch the morning before the wedding to gather together before the chaos and thank them/relax.  

While all of my bridal party is great, my MOH has gone above and beyond planning a formal shower and bachelorette party basically on her own b/c she had a falling out with the local bridesmaid and the other 2 girls are in different states making it difficult for them to help her.  These 2 bridesmaids have given MOH full credit for what's been planned.  

Back to getting hair done.  At the place we've chosen it's about $150/person +tip.  On top of the personal gifts and a pricey brunch I don't feel it's necessary to foot another ~$600 for something that will be washed out a few hours later but I WOULD like to treat my MOH to this.  Do you think there's any non-awkward way to go about this?  I don't know if I should let everyone know where I'm getting hair done and how much it costs for them to choose to go independently and then quietly pay for the service for MOH ahead of time or not share with anyone and just go with my mom and MOH?  

What would be the best way to go about this without the rest of my bridal party feeling neglected OR should I not expect them to feel this way if MOH has done SO much work to plan wedding events in my honor?
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