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Does this venue exist? (B&B, flowers, 2 hours out of NYC, reasonably $)

Hi all,

My Fiancée and I are looking for a venue in a 2-hour radius of New York City (CT, NJ, PA, DE), and cost is definitely a consideration. We're wildly guesstimating we will have 75 people.

Our ideal fantasy venue is a B&B with extensive flower gardens where family could rent out the place and stay the night before, and everything can happen right there (getting ready, ceremony, reception). It would have a pretty outdoor ceremony site and a pretty indoor backup rain location. It would also be nice if there wasn't a site fee; if we only needed to rent out all the (~$100/night) rooms. As I said: This is the ideal fantasy.

Barns and farms are nice, too, if there are flower gardens on the grounds. Just barns, not really what we want. Buttermilk Falls in Milton, NY would be ideal, if it wasn't so expensive.

The first thing to be dropped would be the B&B/staying over aspect. In that category, Waveny House in New Canaan, CT would be great if it had a smaller site fee and a bigger garden.

So, anyone know of an undiscovered gem?

...or have a really nice backyard?

Re: Does this venue exist? (B&B, flowers, 2 hours out of NYC, reasonably $)

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    You should try to post this on the Southern NJ, PA, CT boards (if you haven't already). There are tons of B&B's within that distance, but for approx 100/room not sure what you'll find. I know there are lots of lovely places in the Bucks County area (both NJ and PA sides of the river) that may have the look of what you're getting at, but not sure about the prices....I think you're probably looking at more like 2+ hours outside of the NYC area, so most folks on this board may not be as helpful. If you dropped the B&B staying over aspect, that would probably open it up quite a bit. Granted, it changes the whole feel, but there are lots of beautiful places in NJ that you may be able to do. I was at a wedding years ago in VT that prob fits the bill, but VT sure isn't within 2 hour radius. That's the thing about the NYC vicinity...And the really nice backyard thing-- hard to come by, unless you know someone that is willing to host your wedding....Hang in there though, you will find a lovely perfect place. Just allow yourself to consider things that maybe you haven't yet....the wedding I went to in VT probably came about the same way-- neither the bride nor groom lived there, but that's the kind of wedding they wanted, and they coudnt afford or find that type if place nearby, and they had both spent lots of time in VT individually. So we all trekked out there-- it was fabulous.  I would have loved something like what you're describing, and I'm  getting married at a lovely old tennis club in NJ within 1/2 hour of the city. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for nearby, it may not exist -- don't make yourself crazy -- reimagine it a little....
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    Look into The Inn at Villa Bianca. It is about an hour and a half from NYC. It is a B&B and they also have a chapel or outdoor pergola for the ceremony. They also have many packages to choose from.

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