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My wedding is in 27 days. We asked for people to RSVP by 4 days ago and I still have not heard back from quite a few people.  I feel like we gave them plenty of time to get back to us (one month before the wedding), but now we need to start finalizing orders. How do I handle this?!?

Re: RSVP's

  • call and find out if they're planning on attending
  • Definitely. Call them, e-mail them, send them a Facebook message. Whatever you need to do to get a hold of them. Tell them that you sent them an invite to your wedding X weeks ago and still haven't gotten their RSVP and you were wondering if they were attending. If they don't answer or get back to you within a reasonable amount of time, it's fine to let them know that if you don't receive a confirmation by a certain date, that you'll assume they can't make it.
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