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Bachelorette and Shower Etiquette

My sister, who is my MOH, is beginning to plan the bachelorette and the shower and I want to be sure we follow all etiquette rules.

Ideally, the shower and bachelorette will be on the same weekend, so if people want to attend both they do not need to travel on two separate weekends.

My FMIL has graciously offered to host the shower at her home, which will include family members, the bridal party, and a few close friends.

If we hold the bachelorette on the same weekend (it will be in the same general area of the shower), do I need to invite all those included in the bachelorette to the shower?  I don't want to look gift-grabby, but I also don't want anyone to feel left out of the shower.  I also don't want to overwhelm my FMIL with shower attendees.  This could very well be my only shower, which is totally fine, I just don't want to leave anyone feeling left out or feel like I'm looking for lots of presents.

Thanks in advance!
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