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American & Indian Wedding--Who pays what?

I am American and my fiance's family lives in India. We are planning on having a fairly large American wedding ceremony and reception. Then, we will have a small Indian wedding but at a very nice resort in Goa. At this point, we thought my parents would pay for the US wedding and his family will foot the bill for the other. 

The issue arising is who is going to pay for the rehearsal dinner in the US. I know the rehearsal dinner shouldn't be that major of an issue, but my parent's don't have experience with dual weddings and were expecting the groom to pay for the rehearsal dinner.

One thing, I'm not 100% sure what the cost of the Indian wedding will be.  For now, we're assuming the wedding's will cost the same.  

Would appreciate any advice or experience that others have had with having dual weddings 
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