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Do you think Raccoons

will eat lasagna?= serious question

Re: Do you think Raccoons

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    [QUOTE]Human food in general is not good for any animals.  Cats, Dogs and racoons. Pasta especially is very high in carbs with they are not built to digest.  Nothing in Lasagna will kill them though. Please be careful when feeding the racoons- especially if you have pets.  They are a big carrier of rabies and it only takes one bite to slowly and painfully kill your dog or cat.  They are still feral animals and while they look cute and cuddley they can bite you in an instant.  Their teeth are very sharp so it doesn't take much for them to break the skin.  And as an aside, are you capturing the feral cats and getting them spayed and neutered? (this really is a just a question without an agenda)
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     Yeah, we tried to make them go away and they won't. We even put something heavy on the garbage can so that they would not lift it anymore. They will not leave and they eat thecats' food so I have to loch the cats in the garage so they can eat in peace. Our neighbor wanted to shot them but I told him I'd be very upset if he did that.

    No more babies for them. They all had a litter ( 3 female cats) when they first started coming around. They had the babies in my garage. I had a very hard time finding a no kill shelter that would take them, but I finally did. After that, we caught the cats (most were/are tame, one is not and bit my husband) and took them to a vet that spayed at a discounted price. .  
  • It was really sad that they died until I saw the damage they did and the bill.
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:408825a3-9be5-419d-9efd-9c8e70f5a7d0Post:af48af28-6507-48d8-bf01-4958d913f86c">Re: Do you think Raccoons</a>:
    [QUOTE]It was really sad that they died until I saw the damage they did and the bill.
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    I bet!
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