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Planning a Wedding In the Wake of Hurricane Sandy?

With power outages and flooding, the 4,000-plus East Coast couples with November wedding plans may have to make some major planning adjustments.

Connect with available venues and get feedback from other brides going through the same thing you are on our Facebook event page: "Helping Brides in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy."
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Re: Planning a Wedding In the Wake of Hurricane Sandy?

  • Dear all, 
    We just created a group for future brides in the NY/NJ/LI/PA/CT area. The group is meant to help future brides to find their local vendors, talk to other brides, get help and advices about planning their weddings. Please join us and invite anyone who might be interested! 
    Thank you!
  • I am a Wedding Planner at the Grand Prospect hall in Brooklyn, N.Y. Luckily we have not suffered any severe damage from hurricane Sandy and that being the case we would love to be able to accommodate any future brides looking to have their wedding at our hall. I invite all of you to come take a look at our hall. If you are interested please give me a call at 718-788-0777 and ask for Michael D. Thanks and congratulations to everyone on their engagements!!!
  • No matter what difficulties to customer service, so as to achieve their want. I had, to buy the gown is such!
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