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My sweet and creative fiance was working on a diy wedding program last night and proudy showed me the finished product. It looked great BUT my stomach churned at the part where he wrote parents of the bride and had my mother and stepfathers name. They got married 10 years ago when i was in college. He did not raise me. I dont feel like he is a father to me. My bio father was estranged my whole life and I only met him a couple of times before he died a couple of years back. He was not a father to me either. I have felt capable of being fatherless for almost 32 years, but the floodgates opened last night and i felt so sad when i thought abotu it. I still feel sad. I have decided I dont want to be "given away" and i will walk down the isle by myself. I will talk to photographer beforehandand. I dont want to hurt stepdads feelings, but i want to be true to me. For the program can we list  "Parents  of the groom: Mr and Mrs x" and for mine "Parents of the bride: Mrs x." Does anyone have a better suggestion? I dont want to take it away, my fiance wanted his on there. side note we are paying for everything ourself. Also father daughter dance, what to do? I am not that close with FIL yet. Dont want to dacne with stepdad. I dont want to take traddition away from FI though. HELp
:( This is making me sad and i want it to me happy. Thanks
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