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I'm inspired

A friend of mine "liked" this on FB and I thought that the title sounded I clicked. And now I'm inspired and wish I knew how to sew. This girl has people send her old dresses and she re-sews them into adorable little pieces.

I just thought I'd share - off to look for a sewing machine.

Re: I'm inspired

  • I love that blog. I stumbled on it a year or so ago. I felt very inspired as well. Except I can't sew either.
  • My mom used to sew a lot when we were growing up. I can remember falling asleep to the sound of the sewing machine. I can barely sew a button on anything.
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  • Awesome blog!  I wish I was creative.
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  • That is pretty incredible. I can sew a button on, but that is about it. My great Grandma tried to teach me before she died, but unfortunately I never got the hang of it.

    My sister went through a phase in her teens where she would tear hems and things out of clothes and sew them into something new. Of course, she can't really sew either, but she tried. And I have to say that most of it looked a lot better than what I could probably do.
  • That's too neat. I wish I could do something like that.
    But I did send the link to a very crafty, sewing-talented friend of mine.
  • Wow.. she's seriously talented
  • wow - bookmarked!

    i wish i could sew too dammit... I seriously need new clothes.
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