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Dealing with suggestions for the MIL

My future mother in law recently suggested a few things...ONE that I have fake flowers at my wedding like her daughter, TWO have people in the family cook food and bring it to the reception for guest to eat, THREE that we include BYOB on our invites, FOUR that I get my dress from the $99 dollar sale from davids bridal like her daughter and FIVE that I hire her wedding planner friend who planned her daughters wedding for barely no charge at all...Now I know that these may sound great to some people but I have been planning what I want for a LONG time and none of the above applies...She will also get her feels all kind of hurt and start drama if I don't take her suggestions. I polietly listened but I can already tell she is going to be trouble in the wedding planning process and I would rather but make the decisions by myself or with my friends and hubby to be!
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