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TY note/what to write?

CN version: Long lost friend came into town and and took me out for many fancy drinks and 2 great dinners (and refused to let me pay for anything). This is a thank you note situation, right? And is it awkward that I will have to ask for their address to send it? (they know we are engaged, but as we haven't kept in touch, they weren't on the invite list).

Full version:
I had a friend who was a few years ahead of me in college, and after she graduated I became friends with her boyfriend (he stayed for a masters and they were long distance). I kept in touch with them for a few years, but there hadn't been any contact for the past 3 or so years.

 About a month  ago, I got a message from him out of the blue that he was planning an elaborate secret proposal in the town where I live (where they met) and I was invited. It was probably the most elaborate proposal I have ever seen IRL.

 After she accepted the ring, he took everyone out in a limo around town, to the nicest bars, food, etc. and insisted on the limo dropping me and FI off right at our doorstep (we are fairly far outside of town). They also took us out to dinner tonight at an amazing place and with all kinds of wine that we could never normally afford, and kept saying that they were just grateful we took part in the proposal extravaganza. 

Here are my questions: 
Am I right in assuming I should write a thank you note for this? I will have to ask for their address to send it. We wouldn't have previously been planning to invite them to the wedding, but it seems really awkward to ask for someones address when you are engaged if you aren't inviting them. Also, I have no idea what to say in the note, as I have been in the very bad habit of only ever writing TY notes for physical/cash gifts. 

Sorry, this was way too long for the simple question that it is. I blame the delicious wine, which had to be a new bottle for each course :)
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