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Hello. I am having trouble with one of my bridesmaids. She was upset when I chose someone else as my MOH and asked if I could have two MOH and she would be a co-MOH. After that I had a bridal book with bridesmaid dresses in it and pointed out a few dresses I liked. She liked a particular dress so when most of my bridesmaids went to the bridal shop together we all tried that dress on and none of them liked the dress she chose. She did not show up to that day at the bridal shop. We tried on 10 dresses and all agreed on two dresses and decided to pick another date to get everyone together to try them on. This particular bridesmaid called and threw a fit over us not picking her dress and called my a "bridezilla." My other bridesmaids were not happy about this. I feel I have been very flexible and very open to what my wedding party's needs are. In October she offered to "make" my invitations. I told her that I didn't think it was a good idea. She begged me to let her make samples and that there would be no hurt feelings if I didn't want them and that if I liked them they would be my wedding gift. Well needless to say, myself, my future hubby, and my family really didn't like them and I tried to break it to her nicely but she was very upset and angry for a few weeks. Here we are three months later and we finally set up our last try on date before I chose a bridesmaid dress for my girls. All the girls were present, including my mom and a very close family friend. We loved one dress except for this bridesmaid. She even wrinkled her nose during picture taking. The other two dresses we tried on were not flattering and the one we chose flattered everyone. I loved it! Everyone did....except this particular bridesmaid. She did not purchase her dress that day and has not decided when she was going to do so. My other girls noticed how she has been behaving and are all upset with her. I am trying my best to keep everyone happy and do not know what to do. My future hubby cannot stand her and wants me to let her go. I feel bad because I work with her and feel sorry for her for being so unhappy and because she doesn't have many close friends. HELP? What should I do?

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    Update: The bridesmaidzilla is out of the wedding. My sister is in. She chose to back out and I agreed. She was still mad over the invitations and dress choice and did not like the other bridesmaids and my fiance. She said that she needs to go to her daughter's recital anyway. Soooo I was a bit relieved that she chose to step down. I was ready to end it myself and was glad it was her decision. She said she was still upset that we did not choose the invitations she made for us and just didn't feel happy after that. She still wants to be friends and being over 40 myself and her almost 40 I think as adults things could have been handled better but I feel I have lost a friend and that sucks but she was very toxic before and even more so now. Her way or the highway was her motto basically. I am happy that my true friends stuck by me and kept things honest with me and gave me great advice. They all came together and worked together and things are going great now. Some of my bridesmaids were strangers before and are good friends now and the balance of everyone and everything is great! 

    Thanks for the advice. I am sorry a friend was lost. Drama sucks. But I am happy I have such great friends and a great family and family to be!!
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