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Hair and Makeup Recommendations...

I am looking for a great place to get my hair and makeup done the day of my wedding.
I will be on the Upper West a place that actually would come to me would be fantastic...Thanks in advance.

Re: Hair and Makeup Recommendations...

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    Debbie Mulhall out of Queens, NY I can provide you with her phone # if you would like via a PM if you send me a message
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    I Just got married... I loved my make-up artist... check her out.....

    good luck.... 
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    I would recommend Stacy from Styles on B, you can google Styles on B. she will come to you and you can do a trial style with her. She can also do make-up. Personaly, i may look for someone at Sephora to come do my make-up because they are all trained and usually offer really good rates. you just need to be careful when speaking to them at the store. hope this helps!
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