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Future Sister in law - HELP

I need some help on what roll my future sister in law should play in our wedding. We have a rocky past...When i was first engaged she cried and said she couldn't be happy because she was too jealous. Then after i picked my wedding party she got upset she was not a bridesmaid and told me to my face!. My future husband's family is pretty close knit. His older sister is not upset she is not in the wedding party. I can't stand please! I dont understand why someone is upset they arent in the wedding party when they had to be "convinced" to be happy for us in the first place!

Re: Future Sister in law - HELP

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    She probably is jealous that you're getting married - might be under some external pressure to settle down and have a family (could be internalized pressure too).  I can see where she is coming from.

    It sounds like she loves her bro, and likes you - would be hard to be in the BP if she didn't.

    I'm sure there is another place for her!  Are you having readings?  You had mentioned he had another sister - maybe they could each take one?
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    And I do know Heroic Underblog... we didn't meet there - but we've both heard of it.
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