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Niagara G2G Ladies?

Fargo is closed because of snow and wind so Christy's new flight only gets in on Monday. So unless y'all want to reschedule we're out :(

Re: Niagara G2G Ladies?

  • That sucks. Cry

    I was really hoping this worked out for everyone.
  • Nuuuu =( I'll still be in Toronto on Monday (medical exam first thing Tuesday morning), so I'll still be around if you guys wanna do something then. Stupid Fargo.
  • Stupid Fargo indeed.  It really is pretty heinous out here though.  The storm broke up but the roads (and I'm sure runways) are complete crap.  And we're about to get slammed again.

    So bummed for you guys :( Lame.
  • To be perfectly honest im starting to think another day works better for me - im not getting any better (if anything I feel worse) so if you guys will be in the area on monday or another day during the week id be able to go. I dont want to get anyone sick either. I work, but I get off work at 5.
  • I'm sad for you guys :(.
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  • Boo crappy weather in Fargo. :(

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  • Wednesday it is! If you can make it, let's do it!
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