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Fashion question

I bought these a few weeks ago for spring/summer. I also bought a LBD (yeah, I know, I didn't really own one before now).

The shoes obviously have brown in them, but it is a dark brown. So this is my question: do you think I would wear these shoes with my LBD? Give me your honest opinions, please. Thx.

Re: Fashion question

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    Depends on how formal the dress is. If it's a tissuey black cotton, sundressy I think you could get away with it. If it's a more tailored dress, I don't think so.
  • What SB said.  Just try it all on and see.  Cute shoes, they're fun.

  • Cute siggy Missysue.  Is that your sister?  You guys look ver much alike.
  • Yup, that is my sister. People say we could be twins.
  • It is a very casual, lightweight dress. I was trying to find a pic of it, but apparently it is not on the website. I was thinking ahead for church tomorrow. I have black shoes, too, but wanted to wear my new ones.
  • If they match in formality, you can.  The black/brown won't make a difference.  But if they don't match in formality, it will look weird, IMO. 
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  • I agree with pp, if its a black sundress I think those shoes would look great. And you said you want to wear it to church, so that sounds appropriate. I wouldn't wear those shoes to a night time cocktail event though.
  • The shoes and dress combination sounds fine.  I think those shoes are adorable!
  • I'd normally say no, since I believe black and brown DO make a difference but if you are intent on wearing them, add accessories that match the shoes - brown, wooden bangles, flowery necklace, a floral scarf, etc...
  • I think wearing brown accessories with black clothing can look really posh when it's done right. 

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