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time shares... Positive reviews?

I grew up hearing that time shares were scams... a bad idea, lots of negative, negative stuff... I never looked into them on my own...

My FI's family LOVES timeshares and have owned several... right now they own a week in HI and then 2k points with Diamond (which is very little). FI owns half of these with his mom.

We have taken 2 trips thru Diamond in the last 6 months. Both were done thru a "sampler" package that FI bought before we even met. Both trips required that we have a chat with a sales person. Both times FI and I ended up buying and both times we canceled in time to do so.

I know it is only a matter of time we end up with one... so I am looking for positive reviews... I know tons of negative stories... the web is full of them and I have some family members who were burned decades ago and still talk about it... I know I can't tell you what to say, so bring it on, but I am especially looking for ANYTHING positive.

I think the whole thing has changed a lot over the last several years... and am hoping that it is for the better... thoughts?


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